YYCIX - an internet exchange for Calgary

What is an Internet Exchange?

An IX (Internet Exchange) allows networks to interconnect on an open-access ethernet fabric -- providing low-latency, high-bandwidth, cost-effectively, in a locale.

What is the benefit?

Networks can exchange traffic faster and better. ISPs, transit providers, DNS services, and content networks will congregate -- it is sensible to interconnect locally.

How is traffic exchanged?

Traffic exchange is facilitated by BGP (Border Gateway Protocol). Networks must have an AS (Autonomous System) number to announce their routes to each other.

Where is YYCIX?

YYCIX switches are at DataHive, Q9, ViaWest, and City Hall -- see Locations for more info. The switches are connected using 10G links.

How much does it cost?

Participation in YYCIX is free. Connecting into the locations is subject to agreements with the facilities. The sum of benefits builds as more peers join.

How do we join?

Please read the FAQ and if this is suitable extend your network into a YYCIX location and we will connect you. Please direct questions to peering@yycix.ca. Inquiries will be held confidential.