What is an Internet Exchange?

An IX (Internet Exchange) allows networks to interconnect on an open-access ethernet fabric -- providing low-latency, high-bandwidth, cost-effectively, in a locale.

What is the benefit?

Networks can exchange traffic faster and better. ISPs, transit providers, DNS services, and content networks will congregate -- it is sensible to interconnect locally with high-bandwidth at low-latency.

How is traffic exchanged?

Traffic exchange is facilitated by BGP (Border Gateway Protocol). Networks must have an AS (Autonomous System) number to announce their routes to each other. A looking glass shows the routes carried.

Where is YYCIX?

YYCIX peering switches are in the Downtown region at City Hall, DataHive, Rogers DC2, in the South-East at eStruxture and Equinix CL-3, and in the North-East at Arrow DC2. Visit Locations for more info.

How much does it cost?

There are no mandatory recurring membership or port fees, but we require a SFP optic or a one-time install fee. YYCIX was built by volunteers upon donations. Please consider contributing.

How do we join?

Please read the FAQ and if this is suitable extend your network into a YYCIX location and we will connect you. Please direct questions to peering@yycix.ca. Inquiries will be held confidential.

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